Jesse Lee Falls will be holding his cd release party at the Astoria Event Center at 9:00 p.m. April 18th. Located at 255 9th st. Astoria, Or. Jesse, a local Astorian, was signed to Bent Beat Productions based out of Portland Or. in 2012. This is his first album out of a three album deal with the record label titled “Play My Guitar”.

However this is not the typical cd release party celebrating the artist's accomplishment. On the contrary it is an invitation to all local musicians and bands who aspire to landing a record deal themselves. Bent Beat Productions will be at the Event Center taking demos and submissions from bands and singer/songwriters who want to record and publish their songs.

“I believe it hurts bands in the long run to be too competitive, eventually we just alienate other bands and musicians”. “When we should be focusing on building working relationships and helping one another get a leg up an industry that is already known for being impossible to break into”, says Jesse.

The Jesse Lee Falls Band is: Justin Kerley, Keith Warren, Calen Uhlig, Jeff Dotter, Erin Lee Atkinson, Curtis Burnett and Jon Parrot


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